introduction to quality tools


A hands-on workshop focusing on the primary tools for quality improvement.  Participants leave with an understanding of the tools and experience using them in a classroom environment.



Appropriate for anyone who will need to use quality tools and techniques to make improvements.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Available in a full-day version covering all fourteen tools or a half-day version covering your choice of either basic or management tools.



  • Introduction to the tools

  • Seven basic tools for improvement

    • Cause-effect diagram

    • Run chart

    • Scatter plot

    • Flowchart

    • Pareto diagram

    • Histogram

    • Control chart

  • Seven management tools

    • Affinity diagram

    • Interrelationship digraph

    • Tree diagram

    • Prioritization matrices

    • Matrix diagram

    • Process decision program chart

    • Activity network diagram

  • Guidelines for selecting the right tool

  • Overview of advanced tools


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