Survey Action Planning


Each year, American companies spend millions on customer, employee, and organizational surveys.  Often, the results are presented creating short-term interest followed closely by binders collecting dust on manager's shelves.


This workshop drives home the importance of having a solid action planning process in place for survey results.  Participants will leave with an understanding of how to accomplish this in their organization along with tools to assist in doing so.



Appropriate for anyone who is the recipient of survey results.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Available in half-day and full-day versions.



  • The economics of surveys

  • Why inaction is the enemy

  • Five easy ways to upset employees & customers

  • The importance of action planning

  • The action planning spectrum - choosing what is right for your environment

  • Setting the stage for action 

  • Preparing for the action planning session

  • Conducting action planning

  • Handling resistance

  • Quantifying success

  • After the plan - why the next 48 hrs are critical

  • Plan monitoring & review

  • Case studies & best practices


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