shared expectations training


Consider the following situations:

  • One department is not getting what they need from another

  • An external supplier is not providing consistent quality service or product

  • A key, external customer complains about the quality of the service or product they receive

If any of these seem familiar, then Shared Expectations can be of significant value to your enterprise.  


What is it?  Shared Expectations is a process that provides an effective way to create or improve ongoing relationships between customers and suppliers. It is a well-defined process of development, follow up, communication, and improvement, guided by the systematic use of effective measures.  The Shared Expectations process can be initiated by either the internal/external supplier or customer in a relationship.  It is implemented through structured, facilitated sessions where both customers and suppliers:

  • Communicate their expectations of each other

  • Set priorities on their expectations

  • Score actual performance vs. expected for each expectation

  • Review gaps between expected & actual performance

  • Drive improvement by creating action plans & measures to track progress on closing the gaps

  • Agree on follow-up procedures to ensure continual improvement

This workshop focuses on preparing your teams to initiate and conduct Shared Expectations sessions.  Participants leave with an understanding of the process, practice in conducting a session, and tools to help in the facilitation. 



Appropriate for all levels in an organization.  



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 2 days



  • Introduction to Shared Expectations

    • What is Shared Expectations?

    • History & purpose

    • The Shared Expectations process

    • Benefits and success stories

  • The facilitator

    • The facilitator's role

    • Basic facilitation tools & techniques

  • Selling the idea of Shared Expectations

  • Pre-planning

  • The Shared Expectations session

    • Opening & ground rules

    • Developing expectations

    • Reviewing & assessing expectations

    • Developing action plans & next steps

    • Closing the session

  • Monitoring action plan execution

  • Follow-up sessions

  • Facilitation tips

  • Managing & monitoring multiple Shared Expectations processes


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