Can you answer "Yes" to all of the following?

    • We have documented role descriptions for each key job function

    • For each role description we have identified the skills necessary for success

    • Each skill is defined and varying levels of the skill are identified

    • We have mapped the skill levels needed to each role description

    • Each skill identified is linked to a curriculum for building proficiency

    • A tool exists allowing the employee and manager to assess the employee's skills

    • That tool identifies gaps between current and desired skill ratings

    • The gaps drive training and development action plans 

    • Action plans are executed and monitored on a scheduled basis

  • Is your current training being driven by a strategic look at the skill gaps in the organization?   

  • Are the skill gaps quantified and progress tracked?    

If not, JCG can help ensure you maximize your investment in human development with a streamlined seven-step Professional Development Process.



JCG partners with your organization to implement the right level of process for you - starting with where you are today and helping drive toward the goal state.  

Sound Bytes:   Some unique ways JCG consultants have helped others . . . 

  • In one organization, mapped the roles and skills for quality personnel.  Designed a curriculum to address each skill set.

  • Created a web-based on-line "quality university" for 200 worldwide quality professionals.  Mapped to specific skill sets, it provided access to on-line and classroom courses, books, videos, and other curriculum material.

  • Created an internal certification program - providing recognition for the professional development of staff and field personnel.  Included internal certification exams and aid in preparing for external certifications.

  • In support of the certification program, designed a web-based knowledge capital system that captured and shared best practices and lessons learned.

  • Designed and developed an assimilation program for new quality personnel.

  • In a post-merger organization, assisted a 1200-person division in deployment of the new values and vision.  Included a process, management toolkit, and software for 360-degree feedback.


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