executive briefing series


The Executive Briefing Series is designed to provide actionable information to busy people.  In a one to two hour interactive presentation, you can provide your team with a solid understanding of key topics.   These range from a high-level overview of a broad topic such as change management to a more in-depth discussion of a particular quality tool.   

This is a perfect way to first expose an executive team to a topic such as Six Sigma or Baldrige when you are in pre-planning stages.   You may also want to brief an existing improvement team on topics such as change management, or tools like TRIZ or QFD.



Appropriate for executive and staff meetings, improvement team sessions, conferences, and off-site retreats. 



Live, 1-2 hour presentation and discussion.  




Previous quality topics have included:

  • Six Sigma

  • Process Management

  • Baldrige Assessments

  • Shared Expectations

  • Quality 101

  • Effective Meeting Skills

  • Individual Quality Tools

  • Individual Creativity Tools

  • Professional Development

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • Action Planning

  • Survey Design & Analysis

Change Management Topics

Previous change topics have included:

  • Change Management Overview

  • Resilience

  • Sponsoring Change

  • Resistance



Sometimes, to give your idea or initiative more "traction" with management, it helps to bring in outside counsel to underscore your key points.  JCG consultants will review your situation and work with you, developing and delivering a briefing custom to your initiative.   We bring to the table a broad and deep knowledge base, practical experience, and best practice examples that may apply to your particular situation.  Quite often an outside perspective is just the "push" necessary to kick an initiative back into high gear.


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