Conducting effective meetings




If you ever attended a bad meeting you will understand why this workshop exists.  Not only do many meetings take longer than needed, they often don't accomplish the desired outcomes.  That can rack-up quite a hidden cost inside a business over time.

This workshop focuses on the techniques of conducting quick, effective meetings that achieve the desired outcomes in minimal time.  Participants will leave with an understanding of the meeting process, roles, and tasks along with tools and best practices they can put into action immediately.



Appropriate for anyone who conducts meetings. 



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: half-day



  • Workshop overview

  • Examples of bad meetings

  • The meeting as a process

    • before the meeting

    • during the meeting

    • after the meeting

  • Meeting roles

    • Meeting owner/leader

    • Facilitator

    • Note taker

    • Scribe

    • Timekeeper

  • Ground rules / parking lot

  • Agendas

  • Should we have a meeting?

  • When things start to go wrong

  • Dealing with difficult participants

  • The art of brevity: communication styles

  • Calculating the cost of a meeting

  • Best practices


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