Creativity tools training


Complex problems often require creative solutions.  Creativity is not a mysterious skill set limited to Madison Ave. advertising executives, but rather involves a specific tool set.     

This workshop provides an overview of more than two dozen creative thinking tools that:

  • can be used immediately in the workplace

  • plug perfectly into your existing quality improvement methods 

  • help teams get through a sticking point quickly

These tools are an invaluable addition to any organization's quality improvement toolbox.



Appropriate for all levels within an organization.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 1 day



  • The importance of creativity

  • Leaders in creative thought

  • Framework for organizing creativity tools

  • Where the tools fit into popular quality improvement models

  • Tool review and hands-on application

    (selected tools listed below)

    • Brainstorming

    • Mind mapping

    • Brain writing

    • Lateral thinking

    • Six thinking hats

    • Provocation

    • Concept fan

    • von Oech tactics

    • TRIZ

  • Application plan


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