success tactics for implementing change


Today's workforce is met with a constant barrage of change.  The degree of complexity, number and frequency of changes are ever-increasing.

Many businesses make a change - a new IT system, process or policy change, re-organization, etc. - without focusing on the human piece of the equation.  Later, they wonder why people aren't using the new process, why productivity is down, or why employees are resisting a new policy.

The answer to this dilemma is change management.  This workshop will train your teams in specific tactics and tools for addressing the human component of a change to ensure its success. 



Appropriate for anyone who will be implementing changes in an organization - process improvements, new systems, etc.  



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 3 days



  • Introduction to change

  • Change fundamentals

    • Ability & willingness

    • A model for change

    • Risk categories

  • Sponsorship

    • Sponsorship models

    • Sponsorship chain

    • Assessing the risk

    • Ways to limit the risk

  • Culture

    • Ladder of abstraction

    • Degree of overlap between change and culture

    • Assessing the risk

    • Ways to limit the risk

  • Resistance

    • Identifying resistance

    • Assessing the risk

    • Ways to limit resistance

  • Altering perspectives on change

    • Frames of reference

    • Practice and exercise

  • Communicating change

  • Action planning


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