Change Management Overview


Growth and even survival in today's economy requires continuous change to stay ahead of the competition.  Ongoing change however, can take a toll on the workforce -- lowering productivity and morale if not handled the right way.

This workshop provides an introduction to the world of change management - what it involves and what it can do for your organization.  Participants will leave with an understanding of the fundamentals of managing change along with tools they can immediately apply to their business. 



Appropriate for all levels in an organization.  



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Available in half-day and full-day versions.



  • Introduction to change

    • What is change?

    • Leaders in change theory

    • Models of change

    • Ladder of abstraction

    • Are human brains designed to resist change?

    • Thinking - the internal dialogue

  • How we react when faced with change

    • Lessons learned from:

      • POWs

      • world-class athletes

      • industry leaders

    • Moving from S-R to S-P-R

    • Control issues - victims or architects?

  • Hidden costs and how to remove them

  • A model for organizational change

  • Key risk areas and how to mitigate the risk

  • Structures to ensure successful change 

  • The importance of understanding organizational culture

  • Resilience - increasing your capacity for change

  • Communication and action planning


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