Six Sigma sponsor training


An interactive seminar preparing participants to sponsor Six Sigma projects.  Participants leave with an understanding of Six Sigma, the required roles, structures, and training for rollout, project selection and the link to strategy, what DMAIC and DMADV are and when to use each, how to hand-off projects to the teams and how to conduct effective tollgate reviews.



Appropriate for anyone who will be sponsoring a Six Sigma project.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 3 days



  • Introduction to Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma key principals & vocabulary

  • Implementing Six Sigma

    • Rollout plan

    • Structures & roles

  • Voice of the customer

  • Process management overview

  • Building the process management system

    • Link to strategy and bottom line

    • Identifying key indicators and trends

    • Core processes and sigma levels

    • Focus areas

    • Lower-level processes

    • Process management system matrix

    • Dashboards

  • Process improvement: DMAIC

  • Process design: DMADV

  • Project success factors

  • Project selection

  • Project chartering

  • Conducting project reviews

  • Personal action planning


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