Six Sigma executive workshop


A fast-paced workshop that prepares an organization's leadership team for their role in implementing Six Sigma.  Participants leave with selection of an initial set of projects linked to their strategy, a draft charter, a rollout plan, and an understanding of:

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • the required roles, structures, and training for rollout

  • what Lean, DMAIC and DMADV are and when to use each

  • how to hand-off projects to the teams

  • how to conduct effective tollgate reviews


Appropriate for the leaders of any organization that will be implementing Six Sigma.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 3 days



  • Introduction to Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma key principals & vocabulary

  • Implementing Six Sigma

    • Rollout process

    • Structures & roles

  • Process management overview

  • Selecting an area of focus

    • Link to strategy and bottom line

    • Identifying key indicators and trends

    • Core processes and sigma levels

    • Correlation

    • Focus area selection

  • Selecting improvement projects

    • Mapping level 2 processes

    • Potential project list

    • Evaluation criteria and weights

    • Project evaluation and selection

    • Sponsor & team leader selection

  • DMAIC overview

    • Define

    • Measure

    • Analyze

    • Improve

    • Control

  • Six Sigma success factors

  • Project charters

  • Project reviews

    • Review process

    • Roles

    • Success factors

    • Review simulation

  • Next steps and action planning


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