Six Sigma Black Belt training


A 15-day workshop that prepares your employees to lead Lean Six Sigma projects.  Upon completion, participants will understand and be prepared to apply the DMAIC approach to improving a process.  In addition to the tools and methods, they will have an understanding of the people and team skills required to ensure project success.



Designed for those who will be leading  a Six Sigma team (Black Belts).



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Length: 15 days.  It is recommended that participants come with a project so they can apply the concepts to their project during the workshop.  It is also recommended that each week of training be held one month apart to allow the participants to more fully apply the methods to their live project.



Week 1 (Days 1-5)

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC 

  • Define

    • Selecting and starting a project

    • Charter

    • Voice of the Customer

    • Process Mapping

  • Measure

    • Data collection

    • Measurement Systems Analysis

    • Capability Analysis

    • Process Sigma Levels

    • Introduction to Minitab v17

  • Project documentation

Week 2 (Days 6-10)

  • Project presentations

  • Analyze

    • Graphical Root Cause Analysis Tools

    • FMEA

    • SOV Studies

    • Fully Nested ANOVA

    • General Linear Model 

    • Comparative Methods

    • Correlation and Scatter Plots

    • Simple and Advanced Regression

    • Monte Carlo Analysis

    • Lean Techniques

Week 3 (Days 11-15)

  • Project Presentations

  • Improve

    • Design of Experiments

    • Response Surface Methodology

    • Robust Design

    • Creative Thinking Techniques

    • Selecting Solutions

    • Implementing Pilots

    • Evaluating Results

  • Control

    • Standardization

    • Process monitoring & control

    • Statistical Process Control

    • Project Closure

  • Project planning


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