Six Sigma Overview


An interactive seminar providing a high-level overview of Six Sigma.   Participants leave with an understanding of Six Sigma, its background, business impact, strategic importance, and the DMAIC method for process improvement.



Appropriate for anyone considering a Six Sigma initiative or needing a solid understanding of this popular approach.   Can be customized to your particular organization and for various levels within the enterprise.



Classroom-based interactive workshop.  Available in 2-hour, half-day, and full-day versions.



  • Introduction to Six Sigma

    • Definition

    • History

    • Business impact

  • Process management, improvement, & design

  • Six Sigma key principals & vocabulary

  • Implementing Six Sigma

    • Structures & roles

    • Project selection

    • Training

    • Reviews

  • Process improvement: DMAIC

    • Define

      • Purpose & activities

      • Basic tools used

      • Deliverables

    • Measure

    • Analyze

    • Improve

    • Control

  • Process design: DMADV

  • Six Sigma success stories


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